Out The Corner of My Eye

The Piper’s Song (Written April 18, 2017)

You know, sometimes, out the corner of my ear,
I feel as if there something that I very faintly hear.
But if I try to listen to whatever it might say
It ceases, all the sudden, and simply goes away.

It’s like softly singing wind chimes on a breezy starlit night,
Or the song of little birds when the sun is shining bright.
It’s there, behind my ears when I sit and rest a while,
And it echos in that quiet of my well-contented smile.


The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow stronger. –
W. B. Yeats

I feel like I am beginning to understand where stories like the Pied Popper come from. I find myself thinking I hear music, sometimes, only to find myself wandering off to see what is making it. Usually, if I try and find the music, it suddenly disappears. But sometimes, sometimes, I wander around in search of it, in vain, until I find myself somewhere very far from where I started. 

Perhaps there are more mysterious things in this world than we realize, waiting for us to finally see them properly.


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