When To Let Go

A Frail Past (Written June 21, 2017)

The past, you know, is frailer than it seems,
Not strong like our worries or fleeting like our dreams,
But like rubber, which we think will never break,
Which we think we can stretch and have always more to take.
Yes the past, like rubber, if you hold on very tight
Can stretch so very far and always seem alright.
But if it stretches too far for too long
All the sudden the shape of the rubber is wrong.
It stops its stretching, becomes brittle and breaks,
And only then do you see your mistakes.
You can’t hold on forever or you’ll ruin what you had,
And to be without what was is oh so much more sad
Than to miss where it used to be-
Is it not better to have at least a good memory?


Sometimes, it seems, trying to hold on to the good old times just destroys them, instead. I’m learning that the hard way, with some people. Some things need to be left in the past. If we hold on too tight, stretch them too far, they grow brittle and hard. They might not break, but that doesn’t mean they will ever return to the happy memories they were. 

I am, unfortunately, discovering that it gets easier and easier to return to moving past things when they are gone. It gets easier ever day I spend watching the ones I held on to getting worse and worse. It would have been better if I’d left well enough alone.


4 thoughts on “When To Let Go

    1. Thank you very much! And, yeah, I prefer a happy memory over having something good ruined by trying to keep it past its time- not that everything is like that! Just some things.

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