A Warm Place (Written June 24, 2107)

No, not for the coffee I continue to drink-
It’s cold now, and was never much good-
And not for the food which I’ve left on my plate,
Or to be polite, as I know that I should.
No, I’m still here, still lingering back
For the talk, for the laughter, the company,
For the space we’ve created as we sit here and talk-
Yes, this is such a warm place to be.


When the Chevalier de Luzerne drank twelve cups of tea during the course of a winter afternoon call upon Mrs. Robert Morris, it was not because he doted on the beverage… it was for love of the warm brightly lit rooms, and for love of his agreeable hostess, and of the animated and purposeful conversation… It was the silver talk, alternating with golden silence, which made the nights speed by when friend met friend, and the wreckage of years was forgotten. –
Agnes Repplier

So, apparently there is actually a term for those warm times of conversation after meals. Sobremesa. (I was hoping there would be an English term for this as well, but in the end I realized there really isn’t that idea in the culture of the English speaking world, not really. Not as much Oh well.) For me, that is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I am a big advocate of sitting down with family and/or friends and eating meals together. For me, at least, that is where relationships are built, where love is born, where the world becomes warm and welcoming. Many of my fondest memories are from the times after meals spent talking and laughing. I think Tolkien had it right,

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.

Perhaps we would not be so miserable, so lost, if we would say still for a moment and treasured the beautiful gifts in front of us.
I hope you have a wonderful day, and share a meal with someone good. I hope you talk and grow close in that warm place.


Thinking of this idea, this song makes me happy:

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