Yes, I Will

Dancing With My Ghosts (Written June 26, 2017)

I used to feel haunted when I walked these halls,
Saw ghosts of my past go flickering by,
And that used to make me feel alone,
Make me sad, make me heave a sigh.

But now I think I’d rather we waltzed,
Heard the music of all these creaking walls
And the sigh of the wind, rather than mine,
And dance where the moonlight falls.

Yes, my ghosts, join in the grand dance,
Spin to the echos of all the years gone.
Let the memories weave a ballroom for us
Where we’ll dance to nostalgic song.


So! As I’ve mentioned in my past few posts, I am currently assisting a teacher seminar and am staying in the dorms at my old college. Which, especially when I did this last year, used to really bother me. I have reached the point, over this past week, where I no longer give a flying fish what anybody else is or isn’t doing, where they are or are not. I am going to enjoy myself, by myself, however I feel like. 

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of ghosts, so I’m going to enjoy my time living with some.


For the record, this song makes me absurdly happy:

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