Thank You, Dominic

Mr. Awkward (Written June 28, 2017)

Thank you for everything these past two years,
For checking up on me like you do,
For actually asking if I’m doing alright,
For letting me get close to you.

It’s strange how simple, little, things
Come to mean the world to me,
But those times after meals when we’d talk a while
Are a glowing gem in my memory.

The funny thing is, we aren’t even very close,
Not acquainted well, most ways strangers, in fact,
But knowledge of details of our lives aside,
I feel like this closeness is real, not an act.

Thank you, Mr. Awkward, Mr. Egomaniac,
I’ll pray for you through the very end.
Strange though it may be for me to say,
I feel right when I call you my friend.


While I probably won’t ever show this to him, this is my thank you for my friend from college, Dominic. He’s leaving pretty soon for the seminary, to go study to be a priest. So, pretty soon I won’t really be able to talk to him much anymore. So, though I won’t ever let him see this, this poem is my final message to him.

Frankly, our friendship is pretty weird. He doesn’t know me that well, and I don’t know him very well either. We have very few shared interests. We have a mutual friend, who he was very close with and who he encouraged to be close with me, and that’s how we even started to talk. It’s so strange. There is basically no reason to say we are friends, even if he does sincerely check in on me from time to time- somehow always exactly when I need it- but…somehow, I feel more confident calling him my friend then just about anybody else.

Nope, doesn’t make an ounce of sense. That’s just how it is. 

In any case, say a prayer for him, if you think of it, that he does well moving forward.


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