Too Blessed

Constant As The Stars (Written April 21, 2016)

It doesn’t matter if you’re here or there
Because I know you’re still my friend, somewhere.
Whether you’re near or whether you’re far,
You’re as constant to me as the shape of the stars
I might worry about these people here,
Still be anxious, still feel so much fear,
But I think of you, who I haven’t seen in so long,
And I feel safe and warm and full of song
Because I know that we’ll still be friends,
Long after all this worry here ends.


I wrote this a while back, but I was reminded of how extremely true it is just the other day, when I heard from a friend I haven’t talked to in a while. Even after I went AWOL for a few months, nothing changes. She is still there, still the good friend I have known for years. It is, I am discovering, so extremely rare to have a friend like that. I am more blessed than I deserve, immeasurably so. 

Thank you, Lauren.


On a side note, I can’t tell you how (oddly enough) happy it makes me that nobody liked my extremely cynical last post. It renews my belief that everybody is at least trying to look up. Thank you.

ALSO! Happy birthday, Jae of the phenomenal Korean band DAY6!

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