Goodbye Again

Another Goodbye (Written October 5, 2017)

Here I am, so familiar a place,
Sending off yet another friend.
Why does it never seem to get easier?
Why don’t the goodbyes ever seem to end?
I’m sick of watching people walk away,
So tired of all the farewells.
Why must our paths always part so soon?
Why can’t I have a happy ending to tell?
I don’t want to be the one waving goodbye
When friend after friend goes their way.
This scene has repeated too many times-
I think it’s time at least one friend would stay.


I hate goodbyes. Every story ends, and I love following them through to the end, and it only ever hurts worse to act like it won’t… But I hate having to say goodbye. I hate sending off all these people, year after year, waving goodbye to their reeceeding backs. 

I just sent off yet another friend. Bye, travel safe, take care, I’d loved to hear from you ever again. I hate it. Why do I have to care about all these people who leave without a backwards glance? I’m stuck here, watching past when they have long since disappeared. 

I hate this. I hate goodbyes. I hate it.


If you can, say a prayer for my friend. He’ll need it.

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