The Heart of a Dream

Telltale Heart (Written November 1, 2017)

The heart indeed, is flighty thing,
So easily taking whatever road life might bring.
So easily hurt, and so deep the pain,
Yet in a flutter for you so soon again.
Yes, this treacherous heart still pounds a tatoo
In my chest, with every thought of you.
Indeed, so eager to follow a bright new path,
But this heart is still a creature that’s prone to looking back.


I had an odd moment today, completely out of the blue. I was laying in bed, not totally awake yet, groggy thoughts meandering around. Much like a dream, by the time I was properly awake I couldn’t really remember what I had been thinking about, but I certainly remember what it made me feel. I was daydreaming about meeting someone, I think, and realized my heart was beating hard with joy and excitement- and then, oddly enough, with panic, as I thought that I’d promised myself I wouldn’t care anymore. I honestly don’t remember who or what I had bedd thinking about, but it inspired a poem, so I suppose that’s ok.

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