Keep Them In Check

Weeding Duty (Written November 20, 2017)

The problem, left untended,
Unchecked, just grew and grew.
But growth, however unhealthy it is,
Seems to be all that matters to you.
Yes, the garden indeed fully blooms,
But with weeds, and so few flowers’ grace
And yet you brag of your garden’s growth
With such a proud look on your face.
How damaged has that soil become?
Unnourished as it has remained.
How many flowers were allowed to die out
Because the weeds, for volume, were retained?


This can apply to so many things. It could be about people accumulating bad friends and bad relationships just because they need to be part of a crowd- but it’s not. It could be about my allowing very bad emotions to accumulate in me just because I wanted to feel something- but it’s not that, either. No, this is about celebrities and their fans.

We have entered an era where celebrities and their fans interact more than ever. As such, a celebrity has much more influence on the behavior of their fans, I think. No, they can’t stop an overly obsessive fan from stalking them- there is, after all, only so much influence anybody can have over a serious aspect of someone’s personality or habits. What a celebrity can do is not encourage bad behavior, and not commend it. They can even be more agressively than not contributing to the problem. They can even tell off their fans if they know their behavior has gotten out of hand. If the vast majority of a fan group is horribly rude and inconsiderate to other artists and their fans then that, to me, is an indication that the celebrity those people are fans of is as rude and inconsiderate as their fans are.

Have you ever heard that line about the lover becoming like the beloved? In certain ways it is natural to become like the person you love. For instance, many good friends and close couples will find that they become interested in something their counterpart is passionate about. Like how little kids tend to develop interst in hobbies that they see their parents involved in. On this same train of thought, especially in this internet era where fans can follow so much of their celebrities’ lives, I think celebrities can absolutely hold a huge influence over their fans. If a celebrity really cares about good manners, if they are genuinely humble, I think that reflects in their fanbases; likewise, a celebrity that is humble for appearance sake, who arrogantly puts themself first, tends to have fans of the same ilk.

Obviously, this theory only really applies to serious fans who know their celebrity very well. And, of course, some very nice people end up having some extremely unsavory folks obsessed with them. That’s just the nature of life in the spotlight. But if the fandom is overall rude then it is more likely indicative of their celebrity’s behavior. If nothing else, even if the celebrity is actually a gem of a person who just happens to have overzealous fans who have simply gotten too comfortable overstepping themselves, it reflects poorly on that celebrity because they have all the ability in the world to call their fans out. But, clearly, so many of them prefer having the popularity. They allow their fandom to be overrun by weeds because those are easier to maintain than flowers, and they prefer a full garden; they let weeds spring up in their fans hearts because then, at least, those hearts are filled with attention for their celebrity, however damaging that attention might be.

It’s despicable.


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