A Forgotten Joy

Thank God For That (Written January 15, 2018)

It’s on nights like this that the heart feels full,
Overflowing with love too great to control.
Thank God for nice evenings, for good food to eat,
Good songs to sing, good people to greet.
What a gorgeous sunset! What a glorious glow!
What a sea of stars too great to name or know!
These are the gifts that put a smile in trouble’s face
Thank God for that, and accept that helping grace.


I’ve been thinking lately, about why I am not happy and about what I need to do to make better of my life. I originally wrote a poem about the struggles of negative emotions that you can’t seem to shake, but also can’t understand. It is a pretty good poem, actually, in my opinion. But then I decided I shouldn’t write such things. I haven’t got an answer to those questions. That doesn’t mean I should pretend they don’t exist, but it does mean that I shouldn’t wallow in what I can’t change. Age quod agis, after all. If I can’t change the present reality, I can only change my approach to it. Rather than concentrating on the bad I cannot seem to change or understand, I will focus on the good that I could be receiving if I bother to accept it.

So, with these thoughts in mind, I didn’t publish the poem I actually wrote for today. I added it to my private poetry journal and figured I’d come back to it later when I had something worthwhile to say about it…then I saw this poem about overflowing with love for simple things I tend to overlook when I get moody. I don’t know what I was thinking about when I wrote this poem. I don’t remember writing it at all, in fact. But the fact remains that I saw beautiful things and recognized that these are the sorts of gifts that God puts all around us, all the time, that we just need to reach out and accept.

Just now, for me, that beautiful gift that I just needed to accept was this poem. I don’t know why I wrote it, but it was what I needed today, so I will not distract myself over that. I will simply be grateful for this gift I have been given.


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