Inner Thoughts

The Thought Is Spent (Written February 25, 2018)

I decided these things are no longer my concern,
Since I knew I was not one to whom they were inclined.
Yet, still, it was once a thing that moved my heart to care,
And it is not so easy to remove it from my mind.

But I try not to burden with my burdensome thoughts,
Since its energies elsewhere are so very well lent.
It isn’t my place to lull it astray,
But still, the thought is spent.


I was just thinking of different people and organizations I have spent time with, at different points in my life, and have since parted from. It isn’t as if those were all bad partings. Mostly, our paths just diverged. Sometimes that parting of ways was plenty necessary, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of them at times. The thing is, though, sometimes those partings are the sort that require you to fully and entirely remove your influence from that other party, for their good.

When I find myself still thinking of them, even after a parting like that, I still write it down. No, I will most likely never show them what I wrote but, still, the thought is spent. I’d like to think it was spent well.


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