A True Story

Forgotten Memories (Written March 26, 2018)

And so another story ends, another made up tale
Yet, somehow, in those made up words truth’s echo still prevails.
The shadows of forgotten pasts, the scent of feasts lone gone
In those words still seem to live, still somehow linger on.
Not all stories are just stories, made up to pass the time,
Some are memories of forgotten things, awoke in the writer’s mind.
We aught not read and put them down to act as we had not
For they are a call to greater things that in our weakness we forgot.


I just finished reading the Dark Is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper. Some books make you really feel as if you are reading something very, very old, and somehow secret, and oddly personal. This whole series was like that, for me. Especially the second book. (What on Earth was the awful, superficial movie even based off of??) It was a very good series. I wish I had read this series when I was about thirteen years old. I love it now, very much, but I think it would have impacted me in a very special way, back then.

Some books seem to really tell a piece of truth through the fiction, somehow speak the forgotten past as they tell of made up places. It is fascinating. Indeed, just because it is made up does not mean it isn’t true.

Perhaps that is really just the way of any particularly good book, to tell truth like that. All the more reason to seek out more really good books.


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