No Longer Together

Fading Dream (Written May 26, 2018)

Beautiful, radiant, too good to be true,
A dream I never thought could be mine.
But not a dream, a precious reality,
Disappearing in so short a time.
Close my eyes on the glow too bright to watch,
Look away from the blaze for a moment too long,
Just to look back and see the glow burn away,
With no more left than the echo of a forgotten song.
So the dream fades, too good to ever last,
And the remnants disappear like the light of the setting sun,
Leaving an emptiness, an unanswerable want,
So much more now than before you’d ever begun.


I hate coming back here. I always have, but now it is even worse. At least, before, though our place was so long gone, we were there. If we were there then it didn’t matter how much changed. We were still in that place, even when we weren’t there together. But now they’ve begun to move on and away. Now we aren’t together, even when we are standing side by side. Soon, that place, once where we lived an impossible dream, will be empty of us and our dreams both.

I’m just very sad. The dream has ended. The dream is gone. Now only the desire for its return lives on. And here I am, more sad each time I’m here, crushed again as everything I loved bit by bit disappears. And who do I turn to in face of this sort of sad? I don’t have anyone to turn to. They disappeared, along with the dream. So all I can do is write it down.


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