An Unspoken Happy Birthday

To Be A Guest (Written July 9, 2018)

All the little, pleasant things,
All the joys and gifts life brings,
All the goods we never see
Still makes the happy moments be.

Though cynicism and displeasure abound,
In myself, perhaps more than others around,
Though it’s so much easier to love so much less,
I’d still like to be an Edgar Guest.

Let’s appreciate the never seen,
The common, rarely changing scene,
Those beautiful things we don’t often recall-
Let those little things be what enthralls.


Today is my friend’s birthday. Technically speaking, I could text him right now and say happy birthday. I have his number, and I know he still has his phone. But I also know I definitely should not be texting him, and that he would likely be troubled by me texting him. And, honestly, that makes me really sad. I saw him, recently, and said hello. Conversation, though? No, no conversation.


Today I found a book at a thrift store. It is beat to heck, and the cover is very difficult to make out, and I couldn’t find the author. It is a book of poetry, and it happens to be exactly what I needed today. The book, I eventually discovered, is The Passing Throng by Edgar A. Guest. He likes to write about the little things. About appreciating the things you take for granted. His poem “The Making Of A Friend” was exactly what I needed right now.

I can’t talk to Mr. Egomaniac right now, and I might not be able to ever really talk to him again. But that doesn’t mean he isn’t my friend. That thought is still spent for him, regardless of whether or not he knows it. I still very much appreciate all the interactions we have had, and nothing will change that.

So thank you, Mr. Edgar Guest! for helping me to be thankful for what I have, rather than wallowing in my misery as I miss my friend.


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