A Real Treasure

A Calm Place (Written August 8, 2018)

Like a cup of hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket
When the world outside is windy and cold,
A place of calm is what I begin to search for
As I continue to grow ever more old.
As the storms rage harder and the lights grow more dim,
As people grow harsher and more selfish in my life,
I find myself appreciating the simple pleasures more,
Like hearing a pleasant song away from the strife.
Too much of the world is moving too fast for me.
I just want a moment to stop and grow my roots deep.
I want quiet evening walks with pleasant company,
Thoughtful gifts I’ll truly love and keep.
In this storm, in this chaotic world that won’t slow down,
I’ll treasure being able to rest in this space.
For this welcoming warmth, for this rare and lovely comfort,
Thank you for the rest I have found in this calm place.


As I’ve grown up I have come to appreciate the value of calm. The world is utter chaos- the unceasing and ever growing cacophony of noise, the never ending clash of agendas, the ever growing splash of social media in ever aspect of life. It never ends, does it? And everyone is competing to be heard in that chaos, screaming louder, being weirder, shining brighter. So the chaos grows.

I appreciate more, now, the idea of the only real competition being the one you fight against yourself. We can’t all be the best in the world (both because there are too many different people and ways to do things to concretely say you are the best, also because only one person gets to be the best). We can definitely be the best version of ourselves, though. You don’t have to be trying to outshout the rest of humanity just to prove you are worth existing. You are already here, aren’t you? And you will never be satisfied with hearing that you mean something from someone else. That’s something you are proving to yourself alone. The rest of the world doesn’t matter.

But the rest of the world is there, isn’t it? It’s there, and it is wonderful and incredible and full of so many amazing things. And it’s there with all the chaos of all the people and all the places and all the sounds and all the colors and all the emotions…that will never have a thing to do with you or what you are. How are we supposed to concentrate on being ourselves when we are so caught in the tornado that the world makes? No wonder we are all so tired.

See why I’ve come to value calm? When everything around is chaos, being able to find calm is the most incredible thing. If you find a person, a place, a hobby, that brings you calm the you should hold on to it with all your might. Make sure it is something you can be certain of, something that won’t crumble beneath your feat, and then treasure it like it deserves.

For me, I have recently found something of a calm place I hadn’t had before. Music is something that brings a lot of us calm, isn’t it? For me, this new place to rest that I have found, that is the music of the artist Jung Seung Hwan. Listening to this music I find that I can rest, and that is something rare and beautiful. So that is something I am very grateful for. Thank you, Jung Seung Hwan for creating such a calm place.


2 thoughts on “A Real Treasure

  1. Very simple and very sweet. When we are young we’re always in a constant rush, but I guess age teaches us that the little things in life matter a lot, the days where we can relax with some hot chocolate and a fluffy blanket. Great poem 🙂

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