Memories of Goodbye

The Song of the Wind (Written January 28, 2019)

Blow wind, blow, sing a song for me,
The song of the past blowing through the trees.
Sing all those whispers you carry as you blow,
Those whispers from far away, forgotten, long ago.
Bring back the songs of yesteryear, lost and blown away,
Return to me those echoes of that happy yesterday.
Return to me that smell of smoke, the fire’s warm embrace,
Return to me the memories that once made up this place.
Please wind, I beg you, don’t just blow so coldly by,
Don’t leave me, tossed about, to watch a darkened sky.
As you pass by on your journey, on your neverending way,
Please, just once, let me hear the words we once would say:
“Thank you, I’ll miss you, I promise I won’t forget,
Our time to spend together is not near to ending, yet.”
And if I could hear the voices I miss and treasure so,
Hear those words we, heartfelt, uttered in this place so long ago,
Then perhaps this pressing darkness would hold a little light,
And I wouldn’t be alone here on this cold and windy night.
So please, wind, sing just one more song before the night grows old,
And share once more those treasures that your song, alone, still holds.


It’s been a bit of a hard week for me. I’ve mentioned it before, goodbyes are the most miserable thing for me. I hate having to say them, I hate having to hear them. Even when it isn’t directly involving me, I hate having to see other people struggling with goodbyes.

This week was a week filled with witnessing goodbyes.

It was hard to watch it all. And it made me miss all the people I’ve had to say goodbye to. I miss my friends. I miss my classmates. I miss my family who have gone away. Even if it were just an echo, I would give anything to have those goodbyes back for a few minutes.


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