A Starry Prompt

Returning the Stars (Written February 23, 2019)

You laughed the stars into the sky
While I just sat there, with another sigh.
And when I would cry too hard to see
You just smiled and threw your arm around me.

“Don’t be sad” you told me, while I prepared to leave again,
“Look” you said, “For us, this won’t be the end.”
And, indeed, it wasn’t, for you never let me go
And the parting that I feared I never had to know.

When I was scared at the thought of leaving you,
Too sad and scared for the light to shine through,
You blew that away, brushed the tears from my eyes,
And laughed the stars back into my darkened skies.


This is my answer to Cubby’s prompt. I saw this and realized it was very much the prompt I needed to express a thought that’s been on my mind a lot lately. So, thank you for the very helpful prompt!

I could definitely be addressing this poem to a lot of people- friends, family, acquaintances, authors and musicians I like- but it is particularly addressed to a certain person who showed up for me at a time when I needed it most. He taught me that, indeed, “Laugh and the world laughs with you.” (Ella Wheeler Wilcox)

It made me appreciate the help you can be by being positive. So, here’s to that!

Be an encourager. Scatter sunshine. Who knows whose life you might touch with something as simple as a kind word.

-Debbie Macomber


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