Day By Day

The Flow Of Life (Written February 25, 2019)

How do you know when your interests have shifted?
When a pain has turned old, or a feeling is now love?
How do you know when the seasons change?
You don’t, really, until a new sky is above.

Day by day, I suppose, we all grow in turn,
Slowly, inch by inch, without too much thought.
Until one day we look in the mirror and notice
That who we were is someone we’ve long since forgot.

And so we grow, and leave our old selves behind-
Like a snake shedding skin, or a crab their old shell.
But we, unlike that snake and crab, don’t grow all in one go-
A fact which, I suppose, is really just as well.


I’ve been watching this show recently, called Love is a Bonus Book. In the episode that came out yesterday there was this line about the shift from one season to the next and how you can’t really say when, exactly, summer ended and fall began. In the show this was said in answer to the question of when someone started liking someone else. I liked the line, quite a bit.


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