Stand And Shout

An Undignified Shout (Written February 25, 2019)

I’ve decided, right now, that I won’t give up just yet.
I won’t back down here, having lost so much ground.
No, not today, not while I still have breath to spare,
Not until I can reclaim that joy that I once found.

It might be that this is a difficult road,
And I might have to give up certain comforts I’ve claimed,
But what is a little embarrassment or struggle
In the face of such a treasure to be gained?

So this is it, my undignified shout,
As I try to reclaim what it was I had lost.
I might look a fool as I fight for these stars
But, to me, it is treasure well worth that cost.


I’ve had this thought an awful lot lately. There are so many things I’ve given up, lost, or just missed out on because I didn’t want to put myself out there, expose myself, risk looking like a fool. But you don’t worry about looking like a fool for something you love. So I’ve decided I’ll let myself love, fearlessly, without regard for how I look to other people. Rather than slowly and gracefully fading into nothing, I’m going to stand up and shout, even if I look like an undignified fool for doing so.


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