I Love You

Familiar Words (Written March 6, 2019)

Since when did “I love you” seem like such familiar words?
I don’t think I’ve heard it enough to grow accustomed to.
“I miss you,” “Be safe,” “I’m glad to see you,” though,
Those are words I feel are more like me and you.
“When did you get in?”,”How long will you be here?,”
“Have you eaten yet?” or “Do you want to have some tea?”
“Did you sleep well?”, “I’ll see you soon”, “Don’t forget to call!”
“Do you need a ride? It’s cold! Stay there and wait for me.”
Ah, perhaps I really have been a fool, to have missed what I’ve heard this whole time,
Whatever was said, “I love you” is what I should have heard.
How blessed I am to hear it so very many times
That it has, indeed, become familiar words.


So, Monday was my birthday. There is this thing I like to do on my birthday every year. I like to look back at everything I’ve been given over the past years. Not to compare one year to the next, or anything like that, but to remind myself how blessed I’ve been to have lived my life in this environment with these people.

One of the things I look back at every year is this letter I was given. The gift it came with was super simple, and basic, but so much more than that. Like the letter, it was just a simple sign of how much the giver had thought of me. “Hey Megan, how have you been this past year? Are you still trying to conquer yourself and be a social person?” It seems like silly rambling from someone who is too awkward to just say happy birthday, doesn’t it? But it’s more than that. Wondering how I’ve been, asking if my life goals are getting any closer. Things like that, silly and little, are just other ways of saying “I care enough how you are doing, and I hope your dreams come true.”

I just got back from visiting some friends, and I’ve never felt this more. None of us say it outright, but we say it all the same, in all those little things we toss around in daily speech.

I love you. I love you. I love you.


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