The Month of Storms

Spring Beckons (Written March 27, 2019)

Spring beckons, with the scent of sun,
Of growing, and life new begun.
Wind blows the winter storms away.
Off frost! Off cold! Now shall reign day.
The seasons turn and warmth is won.

But battle is how change will come,
And storms will rage before it’s done.
No less fierce than hard winter’s grey,
Spring beckons.

But what beauty! The colors stun.
Life returning won’t be outdone
By lightning when it comes to play
Or glory of the dusk sun’s ray.
With promise of songs yet unsung,
Spring beckons.


The spring equinox is March 20th, right? And March is the month of storms. That makes sense, to me. I’ve never understood where the notion of gentle spring blossoming with grace even comes from. Certainly not Colorado. Spring comes with furious storms. Summer is coming, but winter has not yet relinquished it’s hold. The winter storms continue, but now they come between hot days and rain storms. And when those snow storms come they are terrible. The soaking wet world turns into ice, and the sudden temperature inversions brings hail- sometimes even snow tornadoes. There is no gentle start to spring, not that I’ve even experienced. Perhaps it has a gentle end, but certainly not beginning. It is an uncertain time, a time of great violence and greater beauty.


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