How My Garden Grows

Pushing Daisies (Written April 26, 2019)

Must they come to compost?
Those fragments of the past,
Those days, those thoughts and feelings,
The space that didn’t last.

I admit, I tried to bury them,
To hide them away and not think,
But every night they became an unstoppable flood,
Waters so deep I could only sink.

So I thought I might try to let other things grow,
Let flowers take root where that space has failed.
But that hasn’t made this much easier;
In the end, those memories prevailed.

When the flowers grew up from that grave that I made
They turned up, fresh again, what I’d buried away.
But now there’s a garden and I can’t tear that up,
So that painful fresh soil is now here to stay.

I don’t know if there was a better way,
Somehow I could have moved on and not felt the pain,
But, in the end, that is how my garden grew
So I think I still prefer that it remain.


My phone case inspired this particular poem. I made my case myself, out of all the movie tickets I had from movies I saw while I was in college. It’s something like a collage of memories. It happens to also look good. I was just on a trip, though, so some stuff happened.

It’s been a thing I’ve done while traveling, for as long as I can remember, to press flowers from notable places I travel to. On this trip I just took there was a point that I did not have my boom with me to put a flower into, so I pit it into my phone case instead. Coincidentally, in my hurry, I put it between the layer of tickets and the plastic cover that protects them.

All the sudden, flowers were growing up in the cracks in my memories.

So it made me think. I guess, one way or another, without even realizing it, I’ve been moving on. So, I suppose, I’ve developed some helpful advice: you don’t have to let them go, but rather let things grow in their place.


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