A Letter For Absent Friends

Sincerely, Yours Truly (Written July 9, 2019)

Dearest friend, I hope this finds you well.
Before I noticed, time had passed me by.
How long has it been since I last saw your face?
Since, yet again, we faced one more goodbye?

With any luck I will see you once more, soon,
And, as ever, it will feel like we parted only yesterday.
As always, I look forward to being together again,
To forgetting we ever spent time away.

How has life been treating you in the time we’ve been apart?
Have you been well, busy as you surely are?
You know, whatever struggles might come your way,
If you need me, I am never far.

Myself? I’ve kept myself occupied enough,
Dealing with life, a task that never ends.
Perhaps it will lighten up just a bit
When I’m not missing my absent friends.

Take care, dearest friend, I can’t wait to see you once more.
And, if we find that it is in life’s cards,
Perhaps this time we won’t have to part so soon.
Sincerely, yours truly, with warmest regards.


I love sending letters, and receiving them. For most of my life it has been my preferred form of communication, the way I have kept up my dearest friendships. I’m not very good at direct conversation (though I am much better now than before), and instant messaging has always struck me as a difficult way to converse sincerely. Also, in the end, I just really love writing. So, when I want to say something really important, I usually chose to write.

And, of course, today is that day when I wish I could be with someone who I can’t be with. Happy birthday, Mr. Egomaniac. I can’t actually see you, or talk to you, but I will write this for you and hope that this sincerity matters even if it is never seen.


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