My Problem

My Problem (Written August 8, 2019)

You know what my problem is?
It’s not knowing what problem is mine.
Others have struggles that mean nothing to me
And that, I think, is absolutely fine.

But what do I do? I worry and stress,
I try to help when I’d do better to go.
I cause myself more trouble than anything is worth,
And it’s a problem more stressful for the fact that I know.

My problem is not keeping my nose to myself,
Where it isn’t wanted or appreciated at all,
Sticking it in to more than I can help or handle,
Just leaving me to feel lost, unwanted, and small.


I remind other people to mind their own business all the time- mildly ironic, at best, no? As I’m sitting here feeling guilty for something that has nothing much to do with me I’m really wishing I could just take my own advice. Is it my business? No? Then I’ll stay out of it!

Ha! I wish. I’ve gotten way too nosy lately. No more! I’m back to taking care of my own business first. Goodness knows I’m not handling it well enough to pretend I have the time or resources to handle other people’s business as well.


3 thoughts on “My Problem

  1. I’ve been dealing with similar issues for ages. My ultimate solution was to stop being the friend that was there at all costs. All it did was wreck relationships. Instead I’ll offer advice and try to help if it’s wanted. Otherwise, I’ve come to the conclusion that people need room to make their own mistakes, and hopefully learn from them.

      1. Sounds like you’ve got a good heart. I still do also to a degree, but after being blatantly abused and taken advantage of by a few people I tried to support… less so nowadays.

        Hopefully you can find a good balance without getting jaded at all. 🙂

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