The Life For Me

Harder and Harder (Written August 19, 2019)

Heartfelt, and full, bursting with life,
Determination and excitement blooming out-
What’s it mean to live, if not this?
If not that, then what could it all be about?

I’d rather run till my lungs are ready to burst,
And sing out till my throat gets sore,
Push harder than I could ever think I could,
Fight harder, laugh harder, care harder than before.

That sounds like a diligent life to me,
A good life with no regrets to slow things down,
That sounds like a life worth living, no?
So let’s not waste time waiting around.


This is how I’ve been thinking lately. I want to live a life that doesn’t ever leave me room to say “if only.” Really, this isn’t a new thought, for me. Age quod agis, and all that. I want to see what a person can be when nothing can make them quit pushing harder. They say mankind is capable of infinite growth, so who knows?

The stars are not too far.


(And now I really need to write a poem with that line, “The stars are not too far.“)

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