What Isn’t There

Not There (Written September 14, 2019)

It’s a brilliant moon, and the crickets sound fantastic,
The evening is warm, the breeze blows cool and light.
The food is delicious, good drink is flowing freely-
By all accounts, it is a beautiful night.

Yet the moon in the sky hangs by itself,
The cool breeze blows only one lonely back.
No one is there to share the food and drink-
The beauty jusy draws contrast to precious things that I lack.


Yeah, I’m a bit melancholy tonight. Truth be told, lately I’ve just been seeing so many excellent, beautiful examples of these amazing relationships…and it has just been making me wonder if maybe that isn’t something I’ll ever have. I mean, maybe that isn’t I’ll ever have. Not everyone gets to have amazing relationships, right? Maybe I’m just one of those people that ends up alone. It isn’t as if happiness is predicted on companionship, right? Maybe I should stop looking for something I might not be meant to ever have.

Sorry for being so gloomy. I’ll get past it, soon enough.


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