Look Only At Good Things

A Lasting Impression (Written July 13, 2019)

The eyes are the window to the soul, the saying goes,
And what light shines in through them passes deeper than you know.
And that light imprints itself and then is there to stay-
What we allow ourselves to look at never really goes away.


Have you ever encountered the idea before that you should only see good things? I’ve seen it in books, movies, TV shows- everywhere. If you think about it, it makes sense (at least, it does to me), beyond just the sentiment that someone precious should never have to experience hardship.

What you look at matters. If you look at disgusting things then you are allowing those things to be what leaves an impression in your heart. Obviously you can learn from those things, and there are definitely times when you need to look at those things, but not always. Very much so, not always. More often than not, I think it is better to spend time seeking out good and beautiful things, to elevate your mind and heart.

I suppose, when it comes to the heart of things, I would rather the marks and scars and bruises and cuts that are on me when I go be from fighting and falling for good and worthwhile things, rather than from wasting my time on pointless or damaging frivolities- I would rather get hurt by trying to grow and learn than by hitting myself, if you know what I mean.


Also! The art this time is an image from a card game called Dixit, which I highly recommend. It is creative and beautiful- I regularly want to frame the cards and hang them on my walls.

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