The Heart of the Matter

Where Heroes Live (Written February 25, 2019)

A hero is born not from the laurels of glory,
But from so many little virtues they’ve grown to hold so dear.
It isn’t the grand or great things, or the stars that they might hold,
But, rather, the great love they hold for simple things that are near.

It’s not that a hero wins the daunting battles and wars,
Nor that they daringly achieve what no other would dare to try.
It is, I think, that they love good too much to fear the opposition,
That their care is too great to keep them from reaching the sky.

Yes, rather than from the glory and the success and the fame,
I think a hero is made of dedication to all the good there is in life,
And as they chase it, unrelenting and undistracted,
No challenge to them could ever be true strife.


I’ve thought about this a lot. I’m sure there are people who just aspire to do incredible things for the glory and bragging rights, but I refuse to believe that’s the normal. I think heroes, people who go above and beyond the normal or expected, are the people who encounter a moment in their lives where they have to decided what is the best thing to do for someone or something or some belief that they love- they are the people who reach the point where most of us say, “Ah, I guess that was as far as this goes. It had to end sometime.” and they, instead, refuse to give up on what they love so much. Those who act, not for glory, not for riches or fame, but for profound love of something good and real.

Just my thoughts. I’d like to be this sort of hero, at least.


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