Admiring the Christmas Tree

Lights From Then (Written December 17, 2019)

Sit beneath the Christmas tree- doesn’t it seem like we’ve done this before?
Something about this season always makes me wish for home.
It isn’t just me who remembers childhood when the lights go on, right?
This is the time of year I never feel alone
Because, even if this house is empty, and no one else is here,
The ghost of all the seasons passed are swirling around,
Reflected like the lights off the baubles on the tree,
Echoing like the carols that ring when there’s no sound.
Each day is like a snow globe, so similar to how its always been,
Bright and snowing, and the same song always in the air.
It makes me wish, just for a while, that I could go back
And be that child again, laying beneath the tree without a care.


That was how I used to spend so many days of Christmas time, laying under the tree and staring at the lights. My brother would always wrap the lights up and down every branch, so it looked like the whole tree was glowing. Looking up at the branches from below was like looking at a starry sky. I am decorating our tree now and had to grab something I dropped from under the tree…It made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve done something like that.

Where did the magic go, anyway? When did the lights reflecting off the ornaments stop looking like stars to me? I wonder about that. Maybe I just need to care less about getting the perfect gift, or wearing the perfect dress. I think my goal this year is to spend less time worrying, and more time admiring Christmas trees.


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