Careless, Thoughtless, Cruel

Harmful Words (Written March 29, 2020)

Your words, your words, your endless words,
You share them, with no end in sight.
Do you care what they do to everyone else?
Or do you just throw them out the window in careless flight?

They hurt, your careless, selfish words.
They hurt me, and my friends, and strangers we’ll never meet.
And so many kinds of hurt! to our lives as well as hearts.
But if it entertains you? That’s the only end you care to meet.

Thoughtless, stupid words about and shape this world today,
And lives will bare the mark of it for years and years to come.
But it sated your thirst or your agenda or whatever other thing,
And I suppose that that makes up for all the damage that you’ve done.


I am having trouble expressing how upset I am right now. My little brother has just been informed that he will probably not be allowed to have anyone besides the witnesses and the priest, maybe the parents (if her family is even allowed to travel for it), at his wedding. I won’t be able to go to my brother’s wedding. I can’t see the sense in this. The data the CDC has presented does not justify this. There have been zero cases within 50 miles of us. They keep telling us this is so much more deadly than the flu and so much more contagious, but their own reports tell us that for every one death to this there are 1000 deaths to the flu. But does that matter? I suppose not. Someone, somewhere, on some TV show or in some position of political power decided that this was how it needed to be and we will all suffer for it. Coffee? Marijuana? Alcohol? Oh yes, these are absolutely necessary, they could never be shut down. But the Easter Mass? Weddings? Your duty to God? What do those matter? This whole situation just makes me sick.

And everyone keeps talking about it in front of my brother and his fiance. Don’t they appreciate how cruel that is? They’ve spent a full year planning their wedding, reception, and honeymoon and just had it all taken away from them. What possible purpose does it serve for you to keep reminding them of it? To keep telling them how stupid you think this authority figure is, or how awful that politician is being?

I don’t know what I can do for them. I don’t know how to make this hurt any less at all. I just can’t handle this.


3 thoughts on “Careless, Thoughtless, Cruel

  1. I can certainly understand you being upset there. I’d have to agree that when put into perspective that the CDC stats are small in the grand scheme of things. I’ve been trying to sort through all the facts, figures and garbage myself. It’s hard to say who is giving accurate info anymore.

    All I can say is keep in mind that much of what has the public and officials scared is that this virus often stays dormant for weeks. People can spread it with no knowledge that they’re even sick. Also even if they never get seriously ill, they could infect somebody much more vulnerable to the virus. I’m reluctantly avoiding my 70 year old mother for that reason.

    As a suggestion, maybe your brother can keep the initial ceremony simple and do a more elaborate ceremony that includes everybody after all of this has passed. A renewal of vows or whatever…

    1. Yeah, that’s what I keep trying to remind myself of. 😓 It’s just ridiculously hard to take these warnings to heart when where I live you are literally more likely to die of the bubonic plague (The rodents around here carry it, so several people die of it every year here. Still no cases of corona virus though).

      I will look into having the major celebrations for it later. Thank you for that idea.

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