An Early Change

For Fall (Written June 23, 2020)

My heart will forever yearn for fall,
For school and for reading and such,
For a world settling down with a blanket of leaves
To sleep soon, and do nothing much.

As the winds turn colder and the skies threaten snow,
And the trees drop their leaves and settle in for sleep,
The world slows down and draws close around the welcome fire,
Near to those things we find dear enough to keep.

This is the fall my heart will always yearn for.
A welcome time, a time of magic and adventure and home.
When the earth falls asleep and so begins to dream-
A warm time, when the heart is never alone.


I am really wanting the season of fall to come around right now. I want school, passion for learning, students in uniforms bundling up on their ways home. I want pumpkin patches and corn fields and the falling leaves. I want that feeling that the world is really a magical and mysterious place, and all that magic and mystery is just around the corner.

I know it is only June, but I want to world to grow cold sooner, for summer to bow out early this year.


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