Happy New Year!

Another Year (Written December 31, 2020)

Another ending, another beginning
As time marches onward as ever before.
The bygone days are laid to rest
As we look to the dawn of something more
That, maybe, now is waiting for us
To open our eyes and really look for.
And maybe we need to just recall
To look up and let our spirits soar
To all that is waiting for our rising steps
To finally reach that waiting door.


Better days are always waiting for us to reach out and grab them. Not just because disposition can change your world, but also because you can’t fix something if you refuse to believe it can be changed or improved. I believe my world can grow, and bloom, and soar. Sure, that will come with hard work, and probably plenty of other sorts of struggles, but if I keep walking towards it then I believe it will come. Hard work and struggles are a blessing, if you think of it that way- a sign that you are fighting for something better.

So here’s to another new year, greeting it with our eyes open and our minds turning, eager to work and struggle to make this one better than any before it!


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