Time Well Spent

Night After Sleepless Night (Written January 14, 2021)

Remember those days spent too busy to recall the need to sleep?
Those were days spent waking up long before the dawn,
Accompanied by the street lamps still lit from the night,
Walking empty paths in the chill air that makes it hard to yawn.
Ah yes, those days began in the dark, and ended there too.
But they were spent in so much sunshine, and so much fresh air!
The work never stopped, no second was ever left open or free,
But what could that matter with so many friends there?
Yes, sleep was, indeed, rare, and every day was long
But, all the same, it was restful and wonderful and bright.
There were never times I have loved so much as those
Spent in unending work with night after sleepless night.


Days like these, idle days with no work and little hobby, are truly awful for me. It’s rare that I find days like these to be restful or refreshing- with nothing to do and nowhere to go, nobody to talk to and nothing to occupy my mind, how can I possibly be restored? What is good about having so much dead time? It’s exhausting, nauseating even, to have such worthless time.

But those days? When I slept for hardly 2 hours a night? When I didn’t have time to realize I was exhausted? When I had work worth being kept busy by, friends to share meals with, and so much learning to keep my mind moving? Those days were the best. The most beautiful, the most peaceful, the most exciting.

I miss my sleepless nights, and the moments that filled those days.


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