Welcome! (Written July 30, 2013)

Welcome, visitor, to my blog,
I hope you’ll read awhile and stay,
I write for my readers to enjoy,
The aim is a poem each day.

They aren’t much good, I warn you now,
But I think you’ll like them regardless,
They’re my ideas, my dreams, my memories,
Or just rants to relieve my stress,

But every post has a poem for you,
And, I hope, a new thought as well,
So see if anything catches your eye-
And if it does, make sure you’ll tell!

So welcome, come in and enjoy yourself,
Read my thoughts through poetry.
Every word is a window to another world,
So come take a look and see!


Welcome! This is basically how this blog will work. There will be a poem. Then I will have some brief- or not so brief- commentary on whatever I was writing about. Or I might just rant and ramble about something that is completely irrelevant. Either way! I love comments, so let me hear your thoughts! If you ever want to contact me my email is withtherebles@yahoo.com. (That comes from a book I am writing, by the by, called Kings and Rebels. I haven’t gotten very far on it, but I am posting each chapter as I go, so you should check it out if you have time. =P) I love hearing back from my readers. C= I hope you enjoy whatever you find.

Check out the Table of Contents and see all the poems I’ve put up so far. They are numbered links with the tags from the original post, as well as the date it was put up.

And make sure you check out the latest update too!

Now! Go! Read, and enjoy yourself!

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