Moonlight, Starry Skies, and Fire Birds

A Wonderful World (Written January 18, 2021)

So joyful, and so full of wonder-
How many of us can look at the world like that?
Like, truthfully, there are so many amazing things
That can come to be at the drop of a hat.

And to believe- to really, really, truly believe-
That we are all capable of doing amazing things, too,
That we can answer that joy and wonder with our own,
That being wonderful and amazing is something we all can do.

And, even so, never denying the ugly that does abound,
Never ignoring the awful things that happen everywhere,
But believing, despite it! Despite the way it polutes,
Even the ugly can be beautiful, somewhere.

I want to believe in the incredible like that-
What an inspiration! What heartwarming songs and words!
Thank you for your earnest faith in the presence of the amazing,
And thank you, so, so much, for letting it be heard!


I realized recently that there is something particular that is bizarrely absent from the stories I’ve told on this blog: my love of Japanese music. It’s bizarre because I’ve talked several times about my adventures in kpop, and that was, by and large, a short lived obsession- not that I don’t still listen to kpop, but I am definitely over the showy side of things and all the drama that seems to be so common there.

Japanese music, on the other hand, has been a massive influence on me for…15 years now? Since I was a kid. And I say Japanese music so generally because I really do listen to all of it- the pop music, the vocaloids, the traditional singers, the instruments, the rock! The pillows have brought me out of some of the worst funks I’ve ever been in. Wagakki Band and the Yoshida Brothers are responsible for me developing a serious love of the shamisen. Garnet Crow has calmed me down when I’m angrier than I’ve ever been. Spitz has been the soundtrack for my studying, Asian Kung Fu Generation for my running. Various forms of Japanese music have been my constant companions since I first was able to pick my own music to listen to as a kid.

In particular, right now I am really beginning to appreciate Sekai No Owari. I’ve known a few of their songs, of course. They are a bit hard to miss, both musically and visually. I mostly just knew them for being quirky with happy sounding music. I have recently been reintroduced to their music, however, and realized that I never appreciated how heartwarming they are. Their lyrics are awesome! They are always so uplifting and optimistic, even while acknowledging the worse side of things.

I aspire to have an outlook on life anything like as upward as their lyrics. What an awesome band! Definitely go check out Sekai No Owari.